I just saw a picture. One of many pictures that have defined this “war” between Israel and the Palestinian people living in Gaza. Just one more picture, but one picture too many. I won’t post it here because I can’t bare to see it again, though I can’t get the image out of my mind (but here is the link if you just have to see it: http://www.elpeaton.org.ve/view/galeriaFotoShow.php?idG=57). Yes, it’s by no means the worst of all.
But I’m a mom, and I can see in that little face, in those eyes closed forevermore, the face and eyes of my child. How fragile life is, how quickly gone, and how immense, impossible immense, the pain of losing a child would be.
How many Palestinian moms have had to go through that pain in the last month or so? How many didn’t because they died as well?
I’d be angry, I’m sure I am angry, but too sad right now to notice. Because, but for the grace of that un-existent God, that child could have been mine.