palincal.jpgAdmit it. You liked Sarah Palin. You always had dirty fantasies about making it with your teacher or librarian, having her take off those ugly glasses, let her hair lose and seduce you….
I think that those librarian fantasies are the main reason why Republican men liked Sarah Palin. Personally, I don’t find her in the least attractive, but to each its own. But, for those who did not get enough of Sarah during the campaign, there is now a classy calendar that they can keep in their kitchen or garage walls. Alas, I’m sorry to say that those famous shots of Sarah Palin in a swimsuit are not part of the calendar. But you can see her with her rifle, suggestively holding the barrel. Classy, very classy.
In other news, Joe the Plumber is now a war correspondent for PJTV, a fox-wannabe website. He’ll be reporting on the attacks on Gaza (or, as they call it, the “Gaza war”) from the safety of Israel. Apparently, PJTV thinks that the American media (you know, that media that gives 2 minutes a day to cover the war, never shows pictures of the devastation that Israel’s bombs cause and basically condone Israel’s grave crimes against humanity and war crimes by not even implying that they may be so) is too slanted against Israel. There is a reason why I categorized this post as “the absurd”.