As I mentioned in my last posting, one of the gifts I got for Xmas for Mika was Scientific Explorer’s Spa Science Chemistry Kit, which allowed us to make oatmeal soap, oatmeal masks and bath salts. We still have left bath fizzies to make. Later, I bought another kit to make lip balm and lotion. This wasn’t as nice – all you had to do was mix the lotion with color and scent, or melt the lip balm and then mix with color and scent – not much chemistry in that. But I do like doing these things with the girls – specially Mika, who doesn’t like baking with me, so, when we run out of this stuff, I want to buy:
Creative Cosmetics:The Science of Skincare – which is $50!, so maybe not
Perfumery, or a similar kit (here is another one I may get).
Candle Making Kit
Luxury Soap Science Lab or another soap making kit
Thames & Kosmos Archaeology Kit: Egyptian Pyramid or another archeology/egyptology kit
Kitchen Chemistry
More recommendations?