rss.pngIf you look at the column next to this text, scrolling down a couple of screens, you will find a section called “In my other blogs” with links to the latest entries on my Food Blog and my Human Rights Blog. The feed is there thanks to Rss Include. It’s the same service I’ve been using for a while, but now they have a new and improved version which is easier to use and more sleek. Now, they also offer a paid version (~$37 a year) that allows you to 1) combine all your blog postings into one entry and 2) don’t have the “RSS integration by RSSrssinclude” disclaimer after each feed (which I found very annoying, as I often have several feeds per page). So I happily paid the money (and did not tell Mike 🙂
One of my first challenges was to incorporate the feed for my status on Facebook. I’ve had it for a while, but I wanted to change it to the new system, so that I could get rid of the “RSS integration by RSSrssinclude” phrase under it. Well, let me tell you, that it did not prove easy to do – and I’m still not satisfied with the hack I used. But, in case you are looking to do the same, here are the three choices I found:
-If you want an rss feed to all your notifications, all you have to do is go to
Inbox -> Notifications , look for Subscribe to Notifications and then copy the link that says “Your Notifications”. That’s the url of your notifications feed. You then go to a service like RSS Include, and use it to create a script that you can copy and paste to the page where you want to have your Facebook feed.
The problem with this, is that it includes your notifications rather than your status – and why would you want a feed to that?
-Your next option is to go to and create a feed there. It’s fairly easy to make, BUT, it will show on your feed not just what you are doing, but also what your friends are doing. And not only I have no interest in broadcasting what they are doing, but it seems like quite the invasion of privacy.
-The workaround that I found is to have a friend (or another account) create a Friends List that includes only you (go to Friends, chose “make a new list”, make it, click on edit and then add your name). Once your friend has done that, have him select the name of the mailing list, then click on “Status Updates” and then copy the link at “Friend’s Status Feed”. Then you go to rss-include.
The one thing I don’t like about this solution is that it includes my whole name – I rather it just include what I type. But until there is a better solution, that’s what I’m using.