7pm • Zocalo Coffeehouse, 645 Bancroft (at Dutton), San Leandro
Wheelchair accessible
JULY 2 “Torturing Democracy” SCREENING
Award-winning producer Sherry Jones presents a comprehensive documentary­more than 18 months in the making­that examines America’s detention and interrogation practices in the “war on terror.”
“Please watch ‘Torturing Democracy.’ It isn’t easy to watch; but what so many innocent (and guilty) individuals were subjected to in your name was unimaginably harder. As readers know, I’ve been fixated on this since Abu Ghraib. But that documentary made me ill by forcing me again to absorb the enormity of what Bush and Cheney have done­and the urgent, urgent task of repairing the damage. If America is to recover, those responsible must be put on trial. Including the president.”
­Andrew Sullivan, Atlantic
After the movie, international human rights lawyer/activist Margarita Lacabe, will talk about the United States’ obligation to prosecute torturers under international law.

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