Girlfitti Magna Style Jewelry KitMy mother got this jewelry kit for Mika and she just made a necklace for herself. This kit has a very original “clasp” that makes making jewelry both fun and easy for kids. You start by passing the included string through a plastic flower clasp, which closes and keeps the string secure. This way you can avoid making knots or having to use traditional clasps. The flower clasps are light purple and not very attractive, but you’d wear them behind your neck or under your wrist (if you make a bracelet) so that should be OK. What makes it cool is that you insert a magnet both at the beginning and end of the string, which then attract each other, making it easy to “close” the necklace. That way you don’t have to deal with a difficult clasp or have to make the necklace long enough to pass over your head. I wish they had the same system for adult jewelry.
The beads the set comes with are very pretty. There are metallic cylinders, white and lilac drops, bright pinkish and purplish flowers and other things. You are supposed to intercept magnetic beads every so often to make it easier to wrap your necklace around your wrist as a bracelet or make it look like a pendant. Mika didn’t do it on her first necklace, but she ended up with a gorgeous, gorgeous necklace that looks great on her (picture below).
Necklace made from Girlfitti Magna Style Jewelry Kit
Note: The metallic bead on the top right corner of the picture is the end of one of Mika’s braids, nothing to do with the necklace šŸ™‚
One thing to keep in mind is that the kit comes with only 4 clasps – enough for 2 necklaces. Alas, we lost one of the clasps, so the necklace above is as much as we’ll make from this kit.