Chances are you are not going to buy a Lakeshore Color Mixing Science
Experiment set
– it’s been discontinued. But as of a few months ago it
was still available at outlet stores, where we had the misfortune of
buying one. It was on sale, $12 from $20 original price, but it’s not
worth more than a couple of dollars at the most. It’s really the most
stupid kit I have ever found.
Basically it contains 3 little pitchers that you use to pour colored
water into a plastic container. The kit comes with bath color tablets
which you first have to dissolve in two cups of water. The tablets are
supposed to be primary colors: blue, yellow and red – but the red tablet
actually makes pink water. As the colored waters mix with each other,
you are supposed to get secondary colors: green, purple and orange – and
while you do get green and purple, apparently pink and yellow make red,
not orange. Let’s talk about confusing a 4 year old!
On the plus size my 4 year old had fun mixing in the colors, though I
don’t think she learned much from it. It’s no wonder they’ve
discontinued it – but this experience should make me (and you) think
twice before buying Lakeshore products.