Well, it turns out that both girls love scrapbooking and are thrilled with their kits. Mika decorated the front of her otherwise boring album with stickers, and has already finished 14 scrapbook pages (fortunately it will take 100! – the one I got for Camila only takes 20!). Alas, she’s not very careful when she does it by herself, but we just did a couple of pages together and I think they turned out quite well.
I made the mistake of getting glitter for the kids. They’ve LOVED using it, but now my whole living room is covered with sprinkles. Mika will vacuum when she’s done, but I don’t see them getting out of the little crevices between floor boards. I guess this is one way to have a sparkling house 😉
I think the kids love scrapbooking because it’s 1) quite easy and appropriate for all developmental levels and 2) more creative than some of the other crafts where pretty much all you do is follow directions.
In any case, I’m glad we’ve found something that we can do together and that they enjoy so much. 🙂
Here is one of Camila’s pages:
And here one of Mika’s: