Tonight we finally played Mika’s Game, a game we found in the book Crafty Girl: Fun and Games: Things to Make and Do. We made the board and cards a couple of months ago, but we never got around to play it until now. Too bad, because it’s the funnest and funniest game we’ve played in a long time.
To make the game first make a playing board. Get a board-size piece of cardboard and paste same-sized poster paper on top of it. Then cut squares (about 2″ x 2″) in at least 3 different color paper. Paste the squares onto the cardboard, one after another (with a start and end) in whichever fun shape you can muster. You can decorate the squares with stickers, glitter, etc.
We haven’t done that for this game, but I’ll try to convince Mika to make a new playing board.
Now, for the cards. Make a set of cards (let’s say 50) with funny things to do (continue reading to see the cards I made). Print them on the same color paper as one set of squares. If you want, make another set of cards on the color of another set of squares and print questions in them. The questions will depend on your game-players. My youngest is 4yo, so I made them all about things around the house (see examples below).
And that’s it. The silliest you make the actions and questions the most fun the game will be. My kids loved it.

Wear a shower cup until you roll a 6.
Go back 2 squares and drink a teaspoon of lemon juice.
Do the hokey poky until someone rolls a 4.
Wear your socks in your hands until someone else rolls a 2.
Pretend you are the age of the number you just rolled until your next turn.
Sing a song in a baby’s voice.
Go to the lawn and pretend you are a scarecrow until your next turn.
Draw a picture with your foot.
Don’t say a word until someone rolls a 5.
Tell the person on your left you love them in another language.
Lose a turn and get the person on your left a drink
Tell a story until your next turn.
Pretend to bake a cake until your next turn.
Make animal noises until your next turn.
Smile until someone rolls a 3.
Tell jokes until you can make somebody laugh.
Stand with a book on your head until someone rolls a 4.
Drink a glass of liquid until someone rolls a 6.
Keep your head on until someone rolls a 100
Keep your mouth open until someone says “yes”.
Count the number of elephants in the room.
Get a treat for everybody.
Find the biggest H in the room. Don’t take a turn until you find it.
Find something that says “I love you”. Don’t take a turn until you find it.
Draw 4 circles on a paper using only your mouth and a pencil
Sing I’m a little tea pot with all the gestures.
Spin around until you fall down.
Move forward 2 squares
Move forward 1 square
Take another turn
Move forward 3 squares
Pretend to be a chicken until your next turn.
Drink 1/2 tsp. of vinegar.
East a teaspoon of mustard
Get yourself a treat
Roll again
Frown until someone rolls a 5
Thread a needle. Don’t take a turn until you do it.
Find a purple book. Don’t take a turn until you find it.
Tie a double knot. Don’t take a turn until you do it.
Find an acidic substance in the house. Don’t take a turn until you find it.
Find some chocolate and eat it. Don’t take a turn until you do.
Pay a compliment to the person on your left.
Find a baby doll and sing it a lullaby.
Wear a flower on your hair.
Sway until someone rolls a 3.
Keep your eyes closed until someone rolls a 4.
Scratch your head until someone rolls a 2.
Find an orange book or lose a turn.
Where is the pink vacuum cleaner?
How many bottles of soda are there in the fridge?
How many rolls of toilet paper are there in the bathroom?
How many boxes of cake mix are there in the kitchen cabinet?
Are there any bananas in the house?
Where are the blue scissors?
How many pink shoes/sandals/flip flops are there behind the door?
How many apples are there in the kitchen?
How many eggs are there in the fridge?
Where is the cat?
Where did we go on vacation?
Who went to the bathroom last?
you get the drift…;