It’s time for the annual Mika & Camila Xmas list, though this year there isn’t too much to put in it.
Indeed, I’m not putting anything at all for Camila. The fact is she will like anything and everything. Last Christmas she opened every package full of enthusiasm and proclaimed everything she got as “Just what I wanted”. If you need more guidance, she probably doesn’t need any more dolls (but could do with some door equipment). She loves arts & crafts & workbooks. She also says she wants a stamping kit and Hello Kitty stamps & stickers (we saw that at a Hello Kitty store in the mall). But she will enjoy whatever you get her.
As for Mika, she wants:
-A Furreal puppy dog (e.g. this one)
-Calicco critters
-Jeans (call for sizes)
-Half-body sweaters (to wear with dresses)
That’s pretty much it but she also has too many dolls.