Exploring Ancient Egypt Fun Kit
I got the Exploring Ancient Egypt Fun Kit for Mika’s birthday party, and while I haven’t used it yet, I’m pretty happy with the purchase. The kit is a very good value. It comes with two coloring books (King Tut Coloring Book, 32 pages and Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book, 48 pages). The books have very complex drawings, with a lot of detail, which may be too challenging for kids aged like mine (5 and 8) – but I think would be great for older kids and adults who like to color. Each scene has an explanation underneath it. Each book retails for $4 – so it’d be $8 for both of them.
The kit also comes with 3 sticker booklets (Shiny King Tut Treasure Stickers, about 10 stickers, King Tut: With 44 Stickers, which is actually a “dress King Tut” set and Egyptian Life Stickers, which I think also has 10 stickers), one booklet of stencils
(about 10) and one of tattoos
(id). Each of these booklets is a little bit smaller than 4″ x 6″. They cost $1.50 each – so just the coloring books and the booklets would be $14 together – the kit is $11.50 by itself.
The kit also comes with three colorful Egyptian masks: Nefertiti, Tutankhamon and some animal, a small poster of Tuthankamon and 4 stained glass coloring sheets.
So in all, if you want all this stuff, it’s a good deal. The jury is still out on how good the stickers, tattoos and stencils are.