Fun with Egyptian StencilsOne of the activities I have planned for Mika’s 8th Birthday Ancient Egyptian party is decorating t-shirts. For that purpose, I got a couple of booklets of Ancient Egyptian stencils at and some Tulip Fashion Spray Paint at Michael’s. The booklets were Fun with Egyptian Stencils booklet which I got as part of the Exploring Ancient Egypt Fun Kit I bought at Amazon, and Fun with Egyptian Symbols Stencils. So far I have only used the first booklet, and I’m quite happy.
The stencils are quite small, each sheet is about 5.4″ x 4″. The sheets are laminated and they cleaned up quite well (though we’ll see how many clean ups they can stand). They are, of course, too small for spray painting if used by themselves – but I cut out a rectangle the size of the stencil in the middle of a cardboard sheet, then taped the stencil there, and it worked quite well to shield the rest of the spraying surface.
Tulip Fashion Spray PaintI’m also happy with the paint. The kids had some difficulties making it spray rather than just blot, but I think it was a matter of applying the right pressure to the pump and having it at an adequate distance from the surface. I think the kids at the party will figure it out.
Both Mika and Camila were quite happy with the results. Mika painted a t-shirt she had with the ankhs and Camila just tried it on a piece of paper-cloth we had around. I got white t-shirts for the party, so I think it’ll work even better.
Mika's stenciled t-shirt
Camila's stenciled cloth