Only in America: 11-yo kid may get life in prison for murder

Jordan BrownThe brutality and absurdity of the American justice system is well known around the world. The fact that until recently we were executing juveniles earned us the condemnation of the world (and several international human rights bodies). And now, prosecutors in Pennsylvania are to decide whether to try a kid for a murder he is accused of having committed when he was 11-years old. If convicted he may get life in prison.
A child. A stupid, immature child – one whose brain has not fully developed, whose concept of right and wrong is still fussy. A normal child.
We, of course, don’t know if he was responsible of the crime he is accused of or not. But it doesn’t matter. What a child of 11 does is no predictor of what he’ll do when he’s 22 or 32 or 70. The idea of robbing a child of his whole life because he made a stupid and very, very, very wrong decision as a little kid is beyond absurd, it’s unconscionable. Which is not to say that kids like that shouldn’t be punished – but it has to be appropriate punishment, psychological counseling and rehabilitation.
Jordan Website, where you can contribute to his legal defense. Please do.


  1. Kathy

    And the poor person who will never find out what he/she would’ve done for the rest of their life. Why don’t you talk about what exactly happened to make it a bit clearer as to what the crime was.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m from the Netherlands and does not understand that civilized country like the US, put children in a prison for life. I followed the case of Jordan from the beginning and read al lot of sites. The justice system is wrong, very wrong in your country. I understand that there has to be some kind of punnisment, but this is stupid. Prison children for life for a very wrong mistake for life whitout rehabilitation! Your system is based on revenge. Our system is based on rehabilitation and is from my point of view working. Only a little percentage is going wrong again after a first imprisonment. Your system is saying, we want to be sure that it never happend again. Oke with that for adults, but childeren of 11 to 15 years old is not civilized.
    And what i also does not understand is that the majority of the people in the US close there eyes and let in happend. Only when it take place in another country they scream.
    People of America open your eyes, your the only country in the world what sentence childeren for life in prison!!
    You should be ashamed.

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