lipplumper.jpgIt’s night, I’m about to go to sleep. My teeth are brushed, my face washed and moisturized and I’ve applied some eye serum to the area around my eyes in a vain attempt to fight off wrinkles. As if that was not enough, my lips are tingling – they are plumping up.
Today, my last day on listia (I have to cut this obsession), I got a package of Avon products I “won” last week. The fun of that particular auction was that I didn’t know exactly what I was bidding on (though I knew I’d be getting a bottle of True Glow perfume, which I discovered through another listia auction, and which I love). Who doesn’t like surprises? And all in all it was a very nice surprise. In all, considering both the shipping charges I paid and the number of credits I used, I probably spent about $12-15 on this auction. For that money I got the perfume above (which would cost me that much just by itself), two mascaras, one lipstick, one eyeshadow palette, one eight-in-one lip palette, a moisturizer (of course, I’m not sure what to do with it given that I make my own lotions), a foot cream, a very ugly plastic hairband and the Avon Anew Clinical Plump & Smooth Lip System. This is a system with the purported effect of making your lips plumper. I kid you not. And that’s what I put on tonight.
Nope, I’m glad you asked, but nope, I don’t think for a minute that my lips need to be plumped up. Then again, I don’t think for a minute that a couple of creams (one you put /on/ your lips and another one you put /around/ your lips) are going to plump up your lips (though apparently they are also supposed to smooth them away, making the lines less noticeable). I actually think it’s pretty ridiculous to want to plump up your lips in the first place – I have nothing against plump lips, but really? I can’t help but to think of Desmond Morris’ The Naked Ape, where he theorizes that women’s breasts evolved to look like buttocks while her facial lips evolved to look like those of the vagina. Indeed, you don’t need to have much imagination to theorize why men may like plump lips in the first place.
But it’s not my thing. That said, I got this product and I’m going to use it. Until I get bored, that is 🙂