Clue JrI picked up Clue Jr. The Case of the Missing Cake at a thriftstore a couple of weeks ago (for $1), and today the girls (who are on summer vacation) and I finally played it. It was a big success – they both liked it and it was neither too boring nor too challenging.
It’s been years since I’ve played Clue (though I also picked up a used set of this at Thriftown), but I imagine the rules for this one are much simpler. Kids do need to know their numbers, but the game is really best suited for kids 5 yo and older, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
One of the things I like about clue is that while some strategy helps, it’s also a game of luck, which means that the younger players are not at too big a disadvantage.
Anyway, if you can pick it up for cheap, make sure to do so.