Cranium Cadoo Game – Review

Cranium Cadoo GameLast weekend I got the kids the Cranium Cadoo game (found it at Thriftown for $1). I’ve loved Cranium games so far, but I found this one to be disappointing.
The concept of the game is pretty fun and straightforward. You have a gameboard with four rows of four spaces. Each player has tokens of a color, and she needs to get four of her tokens in a row to win the game. You get tokens by answering the questions or doing the activities shown in the cards.
The problem is that while the game requires kids to be readers – so they can read the cards -, which means that they must be at least 6 if not 7, years old – the questions are really, really, really easy. I played the game today with my 5-year-old daughter and her 6-year-old friend (I did all the reading), and they pretty much got all the questions/activities immediately. They enjoyed themselves, but there wasn’t much of a challenge, and I doubt the game would be much fun for an older child.
So alas, this is one game I cannot recommend.

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  1. Stanley Lee

    Still it can be an interesting game for older children but then again for some time it will not last. Since older children like to play other stuff rather than playing a board game.

    Stanley Lee

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