Popsugar Fedex Fun

I have often ordered packages by mail, but I’ve never paid too much attention at what they go through before making their way to me.  Apparently, I have been missing on some fun.  Last week I ordered a subscription box from Popsugar Must Have. I just checked to see what the box is up to, and it seems that it’s engaged in a wild vacation.

The box mails from Watsonville, a farming community in California.  Though Popsugar notified me on Thursday that they had mailed the box, it was actually picked up Friday afternoon (I’m writing this on Saturday).  By Friday evening, it was safe in a truck for the 170 mile trip to Sacramento.  What is funny is that San Leandro, where I live, is about half-way between Watsonville and Sacramento.  So by 1 AM this morning, it had already traveled twice as long as it needed to.

Then, at 10 AM today, the box made it back into another truck.  It’s has spent the last 10 hours in transit, but to where? I have no idea yet, but the box is not actually scheduled to arrive until next Friday!  That means that it gets to spend a week just traveling around? Will it stick to this section of northern California? Will it go further south or north, back and forth, perhaps?  Will it go to a different state?  And how much of a carbon footprint will it leave by virtue of it traveling alone?  Stay tuned.

Update: Well, the story was boring than anticipated.  The box spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday in a truck, only to make it to yet another Fedex facility Monday night.  And then from there it was delivered to the San Leandro post office, which set it out for delivery today.  So I got the box – and it only took it a little over 3 days to get here. Not too bad.

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