Coronavirus Blackmail Scam

If you ever look through your spam folder, chances are you’ve come across messages from wannabe blackmailers. These usually include some password you’ve used in the past, and than an ominous message threatening all sorts of things if you don’t send them some money in bitcoin or another virtual currency. The blackmailers/scammers usually purchase lists of passwords that have been compromised when some big site was hacked (one reason you should use different passwords for all your accounts). They don’t actually have any dirt on you, they don’t control your computer, and they can’t carry out their threats – indeed, most of them are probably in Nigeria or another scam-central country. So you can safely ignore these e-mails.

In the latest version of this blackmail spam, blackmailers are going all in on coronavirus, threatening it to give it to you and your family if you don’t send them money. I guess it’s a sign of the times.

This is the last e-mail I got from them. What’s funny, is that if they do follow me on social media, they probably are aware of everything they claim (except my passwords). How fun for them!
Mar 20, 2020, 1:03 AM (4 days ago)

 to marga

Ι kηοw every dιrτy lιttle secret αbοuτ your life. Tο ρrove my poιnτ, τell me, dοes "xxxxx" riηg αηy bell το yοu? Iτ was οne οf yοur ρasswοrds.

Whατ dο I kηow abouτ yοu?
Tο sταrτ wiτh, Ι kηοw αll οf your pαsswords. Ι am αwαre οf your whereabοuts, whαt you eat, wιth whοm you tαlκ, every lιtτle τhiηg you do in a day.

Whατ am Ι cαpable of doιng?
If Ι wαητ, I cοuld even infect yοur whοle famιly wιth τhe CοronaVιrus, reνeαl all οf yοur secreτs. There αre cοuητless τhιηgs Ι cαη dο.

Whaτ shοuld yοu dο?
You ηeed το pay me $4000. Yοu'll maκe τhe ρayment vιa Βitcoiη to τhe belοw-mentioηed αddress. Ιf yοu doη't knοw how to dο this, search "how τo buy bitcοin" ιη Goοgle.

Βitcοιη Address:
(Ιτ ιs cAsE seηsitιve, so cορy αηd paste ιτ)

You haνe 24 hοurs το mακe the ραyment. I haνe a unique ριxel wiτhιn thιs emαil messαge, and rιghτ ηow, I knοw thaτ yοu hαve reαd this emαil.

Ιf Ι do not get τhe paymeητ:
I will infect every member οf your fαmily wiτh τhe CοroηαVιrus. Nο mαττer how smαrt yοu are, belieνe me, if Ι wαnτ το αffecτ, Ι cαη. Ι will αlso gο αheαd aηd reveal your secrets. I will comρletely ruin yοur life.

Noηeτheless, if I dο get ρaιd, I will erase eνery liττle iηformaτιon I hαve αbοut you ιmmedιαtely. You wιll ηever hear from me αgαiη. Ιτ ιs α ηοn-ηegοtiable οffer, sο dοn't wαsτe my time and yours by reρlyιng tο thιs emαιl.


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  1. marga

    Here is another version of this blackmail scam, not including coronavirus. Here, they don’t bother with an old password – rather, they just fake the “From” field to make it seem like it’s coming from my e-mail account (it’s not)
    Mar 23, 2020, 11:44 PM (2 hours ago)
    to marga

    Hey, check the sender of this email, I sent this email from your email account.

    Some time ago your computer was infected with my private malware, RAT (Remote Administration Tool), your browser wasn’t updated / patched, so you got automatically infected while browsing the website wich had my iframe placed in the background.

    My malware gave me access to all your accounts, to all your files and it was possible to spy on you over your webcam.

    Google: Remote Administration Tool, to see the functions of it.

    I collected all your files and I recorded few nice moments of you through your webcam, haha!

    After I collected everything, I removed my malware again.

    I can publish all your files and the video of you on the whole web, send it to your contacts, social network, hacking forums and the darknet.

    You can stop me, send exactly 900$ with the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) to my Monero (XMR) wallet.

    It’s very easy to buy Monero (XMR), for example here: , , , or Google for another exchanger.

    My Monero (XMR) wallet is: 49RD2byfAXfGU4BaZ5mgaQTH8zKowp6V7e88pPkiS1d1iPrJG9RVptDNU1NcHrm5hdKMZzjp2npNzS2CYwy4HjUU3CV52oX

    Yes that’s a long wallet, copy and paste it, it’s (CaSE-SEnSetiVE).

    Send the Monero (XMR) directly to my wallet, or create your wallet first with the software from: and then send to mine.

    I give you 2 days time to send the Monero (XMR).

    After that I remove everything and we forget everything.

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