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US Passport return time

passport.jpgLast Monday we went to the passport agency at the local post office to get Michaela a new passport. I wanted to make sure it would be ready for our trip in early July, so I expedited it and had it sent back overnight. The results: it got here today – in 8 days.
I figured others in similar situations might want to know how long it gets to process a new passport.
Now, for the sad part – THEY DID NOT RETURN THE OLD PASSPORT! Yeah, the one she got when she was 6 months old, with the cutie-pie picture!!!!! That just sucks!

Traffic noise

Someone outside (of course) was just honking and honking his horn. Not only did I notice it, but it was pretty bothersome. And yet… my aunt Gladys lived in a building that was in the middle of a diagonal (which meant that several streets met around it). Cars were always going by and honking their horns – as they do in Argentina. And yet, I barely noticed. I never thought of the place as particularly noisy, at least after being there for a few days. It’s amazing how we get accustomed to ambient noise, even when it’s not constant.
The other day Mike asked me if the construction noise from across the street bothered me. In actuality, I hadn’t even noticed it (though I did at some point later, when I was trying to watch TV, and I closed the door). Perhaps I’m just too self-involved 🙂

Happy Halloween!

I wish everyone (i.e. the couple of people) who read my blog a very happy Halloween!
I bought Mika a very expensive Wonder Woman costume because for a month all she could talk about was being Wonder Woman. Now she changed her mind and is going to be Belle (a costume she already had). I’d be mad if I didn’t expect it.
Camila is going to be a dog, a costume I borrowed from Rosemarie. I’m also taking with me a princess costume (the one she wore last year), in case *she* changes her mind. But it’s cold, so I think a dog is better.
I love Halloween myself. We had a party with close friends and it was really fun. But after a month of having the decorations up, I’m ready to take them down. Alas, I don’t have many Thanksgiving decorations, but I’ll make do.
My god! What a boring blog post!

Scamming the Scammed

Today I received the following spam. It’s a re-take on the old Nigerian fax (and later e-mail scam). In that scam, you get a letter from someone who pretends to be a high government or bank official asking you for help (generally access to your bank account) to perpetuate a multiple-million dollar fraud. For your help, you get a percentage of that money, generally a few million. Once you are hooked, they start asking you for money in order to pay fees and bribes and so forth to release the money.
Many people have been scammed and lost thousands and tens of thousand of dollars. Now the scammers have decided to scam them once again – by pretending that they can receive a large payment from the UN for their losses in the previous scam. Of course, there is no such program and no such payment and we can expect they’ll have to pay more fees and so forth to give the scammers some money.
I have little sympathy for the victims of the scam – they are stupid, greedy and unethical – but I do find this highly amusing.
BTW, you can usually spot a scam of this type (and others) by looking at the faulty English.

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