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Christmas List

Christmas is less than two months away, so it’s time for my annual Christmas list. I publish it so that my husband and parents get an idea of what I want for Christmas. This has proven to be a great method to both be surprised (I try to have as long a list as possible, so I won’t know exactly what I’m getting) and not be disappointed that nobody can read my mind. The list will grow as I think of new things to add. But note, that this year I want to downscale the type of gifts we exchange with friends, so let’s put a maximum amount of $35 per person. So here it goes:
-A good quality food processor
-A good quality blender
-Good quality (metal) measuring cups
-Good quality (metal) measuring spoons
-New mixing bowls (plastic is fine)
-A good quality: small saucepan & large frying pan
-/Good quality/ balsamic vinegar
-New bottom sheets for the bed (those Egyptian cotton ones they sell at Macys)
-A bookcase
-A cloak (with a hat, like in the French Lieutenant’s woman)
-Babysitting coupons
-Gift certificates to nice (or not so nice) restaurants
-Nice (handmade or gritty) soaps
-Piedmont Springs gift certificate
-Down comforter
-Feather (not all down) pillow
-Framing my pictures (I have LOTS of pictures I need to frame!)
-Good portrait of the girls
-Subscription to Cooking Light
-Large tea pot
-tea cups
-Salad spinner
-house cleaning coupons
-gift certificates to restaurants
-movie tickets
-bottle opener
-Xmas tree decorations
-Thanksgiving decorations
-Halloween decorations
-interesting books (used OK)
-New bunny or another character sleepers (size 8)
-Black socks
-Large salad bowl
-sunglasses (any)
-picture frames (5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20)
-good quality mandoline
-soup/stew tureen
-chafing dish
-good quality chef knife!!
-restaurant cookbooks
-an internet camera that works with windows 2000
-Driving lessons

Internet Favorites

These are some of my favorite internet products & services, some of which I use daily. Check them out!
A free internet telephony product that really works. I use it to call my parents in LA, and my colleagues around the world. You can also use it to call phones – rather than computers -, at very low rates. If you want to call me, my username is mlacabe.
This is a free image editor by Google. It’s great in that it’s very small and it takes minutes to download and install, but it lets you do simple photo editing (cropping, red-eye correction, color correction) very quickly and easily. It doesn’t have the functionality of photoshop and its folder structure is a complete and total mess, but I like it quite well, in particular when used in conjuction with:
This is a tool that helps you share your pictures with other Hello users. It’s also free and extremely quickly to download and install. Picture transfer is amazingly quick and you can see what your friends are looking at. My username here is margalacabe
I spend way too much time at the discussion groups here, but Craigslist is most useful as a place to buy and sell anything you want, find a job, a nanny or a lead or just kill some time.
The grandaddy of the internet magazines, it’s also my favorite. I love the wide range of topics and viewpoints it presents. It’s well worth the $35 annual subscription.
Epicurious and All Recipes.
These two websites offer thousands of recipes with user reviews. Epicurious’ recipes come from cooking magazines (Bon Appetite, Gourmet and others) while All Recipes accepts submissions from everybody. I usually have better luck with epicurious recipes, but not always. They’re both worth checking out.
There are many torrent sites out there and they often close as quickly as they open, btefnet has been pretty stable so far. It’s for episodes of TV shows only, mostly from network TV.
I hate being so dependent on this megahuge ecommerce site, but it’s the first place I go when I want to read consumer reviews of specific products. epinions is usually the second. Amazon also has good prices and lately I’ve been lucky with their shipping.
Yahoo Shopping
It has thousands of small stores so it’s a great place where to go for comparison shopping and where to find difficult-to-find items.
Please feel free to comment with your favorites.

Things I want to do

This is a list of things I want to do. I hope it can serve both as inspiration to Mike when he wants to do something nice for me, and for me, when I want to do something nice for myself.

  • Napa Valley Wine Train Mystery
  • A visit to Copia
  • A day wine tasting with a lunch at a great restaurant.
  • Going winetasting to that tasting room in Alameda
  • A weekend in Mendocino, winetasting with a stay at a B&B
  • A weekend staying at a B&B at the beach
  • A weekend in SF, staying over at some really nice boutique hotel
  • Staying at one of the lighthouse hostels. Might be able to do with the kids.
  • A bath (candles, salts, bubbles), followed by a pedicure and/or application of lotion, followed by a sloooow, soft, full body massage
  • Going to Watercouse Way
  • Going for tea somewhere new
    Things to do with the kids

  • Santa Cruz train
  • Going shopping/windowshopping at the Ferry Building or 4th Street
  • Going to Bodega Bay/beach with stop at a nice restaurant
  • Going to Point Reyes
  • Driving to the Bay Area through 1/101. Stopping at Solvang, St. Simeon, etc.
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