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Mike’s Xmas List 2007

It’s always hard to buy for Mike, as he doesn’t really want much and what he wants (like a digital SLR camera) is too expensive. So I decided to start his list early as he expresses interest in specific items. I’ll add to the list as he mentions more stuff.

  • Robocop 20th Anniversary Edition DVD
  • Blade Runner (Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition)
  • A titanium or silver small hoop earring (he just got his ear pierced again)
  • Wii games (not Mario Brothers or Wii play) – I’m getting him a Wii for Xmas (he knows)
  • I am America and So Can You by Stephen Colbert

Marga’s 2007 Xmas list

It’s a little bit early, but I want to start making my Xmas list as I notice things that I want. The list hasn’t changed much from last year, though I did remove the things I already got 🙂
-Dice with a dice cup (the leather/felted kind)
-A good quality blender
-New mixing bowls (plastic is fine)
-A good quality: small saucepan & large frying pan
-A cloak (with a hat, like in the French Lieutenant’s woman)
-Babysitting coupons
-Gift certificates to nice (or not so nice) restaurants
-Nice (handmade or gritty) soaps
-Piedmont Springs gift certificate
-Down comforter
-Framing my pictures (I have LOTS of pictures I need to frame!)
-Salad spinner
-movie tickets
-sunglasses (any)
-good quality mandoline
-good quality chef knife!!
-Driving lessons
-this pendant:

Mike’s Xmas List

It’s almost like pulling teeth, but I’m trying to find out what Mike wants for Xmas and make a list both for me and others who want to get him Xmas presents. Here it goes:
-New memory for his computer
1 Gig Ram chip for MacBook Pro
-Slippers (size 12)
-Playstation 3
-TV adapter for his MacBook Pro
(need to go to apple store and ask)
-Digital SLR camera

Mika & Camila’s Xmas list

These are some of the presents I’m thinking about getting Mika & Camila. The list is mostly for my own use, but if someone (family & friends only) needs inspiration here it goes. If you do get something for them that is on this list, please let me know and I won’t get it myself and I can delete it off this list.
-Rain gear for Mika (rain coat size 5-6)
-Ken dolls (or similar male dolls) for Mika
-Barbie gear for Mika
-Plastic food items
-Calico critters family and/or babies
-Wooden dollhouse & furniture
-Wonderwoman outfit (for Mika)
-My little Pony stuff
-Costumes for Mika (she has sleeping beauty & belle & jazmin)

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