Walmart is chummy with torturers.

Walmart is known in the US for its inhumane practices against its workers: they paid them next to nothing, stop them from organizing and lock them up at night in closed stores. In Argentina, they have recently been accused of firing workers (or rather, “associates”, nobody is actually an employee at Walmart) who talked about organizing. But they may be getting some outside help on techniques on how to treat workers. Their head of security is Alfredo Oscar Saint Jean hijo, nephew of General Iberico Saint Jean, the appointed governor of the province of Buenos Aires during the military dictatorship, famous for saying: “First we’ll kill all the subversives. Then we’ll kill the collaborators. Then the sympathizers. Then the undecided. finally, we’ll kill the indifferent” . Saint Jean Hijo’s father was minister of interior during the dictatorship and was indicted on 32 charges of crimes against humanity before his death.
Sain Jean Hijo is himself a retired military man, and while he has not been charged with any crimes against humanity, he worked under the orders of the notorious repressor Bussi in 1975, during Operation Independence, a “rehearsal” for the dirty war that took place in the small province of Tucuman. He also worked in Bahía Blanca, the hob of Navy Activity, during the dirty war. Now he works for Walmart.


  1. Tim Holmes

    Thank you Marga. I doubt I’ll hear this information from anywhere else. Amazing.

  2. Jason

    If an employee isn’t satisfied with their working conditions then they have the right and ability to quit. Walmart is a business and, like any business, it’s going to try to maximize profits. It does this by minimizing all costs, including wages.
    If the wages are too low and everyone quits, Walmart would be forced to raise them. This, in a sense, balances out naturally. There doesn’t seem to be an employee shortage hence the wages must be at an acceptable level, maybe not to you, but at least to those working there.
    Also, I don’t see how the assumption that “all extended family members have the same personalities” can be used as a valid influence in determining the actions of Walmart’s head of security; and last time I checked Security played no role in HR.
    Your whole post screams of unsubstantiated extravagance to the point of disbelief.

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