Creativity for Kids: Make your own layered lotions – review

Make your own layered lotionsMy sister got us two sets of Creativity for Kids Make Your Own Layered Lotions, which she found at target for around $4 (the regular price was $15). I can’t imagine paying anywhere near regular price for the kit, given that at most, it’ll give your kids 15 minutes of fun.
Basically the kit comes with 4 canisters of colored, scented shimmering hand lotion (note, do not use on your face), which you put in one of two heart-shaped bottles in whichever order/pattern you want. There are also two pieces of ribbon to tie around the bottle.
Even though the concept is so easy, the lotion likes to stick to the sides of the bottle when you push it in, so you can’t really get the nice layered look that you see on the bottle. But I don’t think the kids care much. In all, they (7 and 4 yo girls) seem to enjoy making the layered lotions. And for $4 each set, I’m not sorry we bought them.


  1. Marga

    After a couple of weeks, the lotion in these bottles turned all green.

  2. Anonymous

    it doesnt say how to make it!!

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