Every few days I get a letter from a person (usually a man, though sometimes a woman) telling me about the human rights violations they are experiencing. Sometimes is the government broadcasting thoughts into their minds, where they’d installed a microchip, sometimes it’s being poisoned, sometimes it’s being persecuted by government officials. There are many other variations, stories that don’t even make internal sense. I also get them on the mail, sometimes from foreign countries. My friend Thierry, an Argentine psychologists, explained to me that in their reality, what they are experiencing are clear human rights violations and the logical place to go to is a human rights organization. I expect groups like Amnesty and Human Rights Watch get these complaints by the thousands.
Once in a great while, the story I get is plausible, and then I treat it seriously. Otherwise, I just delete or archive the letters, knowing that there is nothing I could say that would help the situation. Indeed, some of these people are aware of their mental problems, having been in and out of hospitals for years.
What I hadn’t considered until recently, is that these individuals could pose a danger, to me, perhaps, or to others. The letter of the gunman who killed 13 peple in Binghamton a couple of days ago, sounds very much like the e-mails and letters I get.
I have to admit that I have never given too much thought to the issue of mental illness and forced treatment. My instincts go against it but… a some quick online research shows that there seems to be a relationship between schizophrenia and violence, and the deeper the psychosis, the greater likelihood of violence. And if you think about it, it makes sense, if you are being persecuted, at some point you need to defend yourself. And to the point that psychosis makes you irritable, it’ll make you more likely to react badly to others. But a mere potential of violence should not be a reason to incarcerate or hospitalize someone. But…
Shouldn’t a person who suffers of psychosis at least be given the opportunity to make a rational decision about whether to medicate themselves? And can they possibly make that decision if they are not medicated?
Below, there is the letter from the gunman, and a letter I’ve received.

Text of letter sent to Syracuse, N.Y., TV station News 10 Now from a man identifying himself as Jiverly Wong, the gunman who killed 13 people, then himself, at the American Civic Association in Binghamton. The letter was handwritten in all capital letters on two sheets of paper. It was postmarked Friday, April 3, the day of the shootings.
Date March 18 2009
I am Jiverly Wong Shooting the people.
The first I want to say sorry I know a little English. I hope you understand all of this. Of course you need to know why I shooting? Because undercover cop gave me a lot of ass during eighteen years I got seven years and eight month delivery to grocery in the California came back New York on the August 2007.
Let talk about when I live in California. Such as…cop used 24 hours the technique of ultramodern and camera for burn the chemical in my house. For switch the channel time…For adjust the fan. For made me unbreathable. For made me vomit. For connect the music into my ear.
Undercover cop usual coined some nasty was not true about me and spread a rumour to the receiver and some people know me conduce toward many people predudiced and selfish to me…cop made me lost my job…cop put me became poor.
Let talk about when I live at the 28 Baker St. 2nd Floor, Johnson City, New York 13790. It terrible when I live there such as…cop wait until midnight when I off the light and went to the bed. Cop unlock my door and came in take a sit in my room ((cop did it thirteen time on the year 1994 )) on the thirteen time had three time touch me when I sleeping. One time stolen 20 dollar in my wallet. One time used electric gun shoot at the behind my neck. (That time I did not know English)
Please continue second page thank you.
Page 2
From 1990 to 1995 New York undercover cop try to get a car accident with me. Such as when I driving on the highway and on the street undercover cop sunddenly brake the car stop immediately at the of front my car…cop did it 32 time like that during 1990 to 1995 but I never hit the car.
Many time from 1990 to 1997 at the day time…cop exploit unknow English and went to my house knock the door for harass and domineer. Of course during that time cop coined something was not true about me and spread a rumour nasty like the California cop.
From August 2007 until now cop gave me not to much ass only one time cop leave a massage in my voice mail and said (( come back your country )) after five minute I send a text massage to them I said I will call the police and they send it back to me they said they are the police.
Dear New Ten Now. Right now I still get unemploment benefit of the company Shop Vac Endicott. New York State Department of Labor was cheat and unpaid from December 1st 2008 to December 28th 2008 I already claim weekly benefit from that date.
Any way I can not accepted my poor life. Before I cut my poor life I must oneself get a judge job for make an impartial with undercover cop by at least two people with me go to return to the dust of earth.
Already impartial now..cop bring about this shooting. cop must responsible. And you have a nice day.

There is a severe Human Rights violation in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese Government, denies and violates my Human Rights in many ways, since may years.
The Japanese Government has this technology that they can get information directly from my brain, from far. Every day and every night the Japanese Government people, use this technology with criminal intent against me; “they” tap into my brain and even when I sleep “they” try to tap into my dreams, my subconscious, with the intention to accuse me for my dreams, my imagination. This way the Japanese Government “kill” my free spirit, and directly violate my basic Human Right – Freedom of Conscience!
This is just one of the many Human Rights violations, in my case. Try to imagine you wake up in the morning and “scary, unfriendly voices” are in your brain. And you cannot make them go away, because they are right in your brain. Imagine, that these voices follow you allover during the day till late at night when you put your head down on your pillow… ( I am NOT crazy, I know the reality! Investigate!) This is how the Japanese Government torture me psychologically, day and night. They intentionally project the sound of their voices through their technology, with criminal intent and hate.
This is especially sad and definitely wrong use of this technology! I protest against it! Especially because I am a sincere, innocent civilian, and I don’t know why the Japanese Government is doing this to me, already so many years?!
Please take serious interest in my case. And find a way to investigate and put the things in order. There must be serious thought and care on the use of such technology!
Please discuss with the world leaders about this.
I honestly hope you contact me, and support me in my case.