crafts.jpgI was just thinking that all the emphasis on crafts I’ve had for the last few weeks, all the kits I’ve bought the kits and the different crafts I’ve done with them, may lead some people to believe that I am crafty. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I was a kid, my worst subject in school was Drawing, to the point that even today I draw like a five year old. My second worst subject in school was Actividades PrĆ”cticas, “practical activities”, which could be described as “crafts”. I can’t tell you how bad I was at it. With the exception of a collage of Nefertiti that I made in 7th grade and a clay figurine of “the Devil as a serpent in Paradise”, I was never able to do anything good. Even the devil figurine came about because I was trying to make a face and what turned out look so gaunt that it could be the devil – so I made it horns and, because I knew that making a body was beyond me, I made a serpent shape to which I stuck the head. My art teacher actually liked it šŸ™‚
But anyway, the point is that I suck at crafts but the kits I’ve bought are for little kids and doing what a 7-year old is expected to be able to do is not that hard. And crafts gives me something to do with the kids that is not overwhelmingly boring. But lord, I’m definitely not crafty.