horton.jpgI bought the Horton Hears a Who! – You to the Rescue! board game last Christmas. It was on sale for less than $10 and got good reviews. Still, for one reason or another we hadn’t played it until now. Mika and Mike took it out of the box a few days ago, and then today Mika and I played it. Basically, what you do is place 6 colored balls that have velcro around the house. Then you toss the dice and if you land on a certain square (circle) you have to put on a head dress that looks like an elephant, with velcro on the end of the trunk, and run, hop, crawl, etc. to the ball of the specified color and pick it up with your head dress within a given time period. Picking up the balls is quite easy, so to make the game “funner” you probably have to be creative as to where you put the balls (we haven’t yet).
We haven’t played the game with Camila yet, but I anticipate that she may have less fun than Mika. At 4 1/2 years old she’s probably not as deft as her sister, and gets frustrated easily if she can’t do something well (in that she is like her sister). Still, we will try 🙂