sobres.jpgEvery day, for the last week or so, I’ve getting in the mail small yellow or brownish envelopes with Hong Kong return addresses. They are padded and only as long as my hand. It’s not mystery (to me and to you) as to what’s inside: beads, pendants or some other jewelry-making-thing. 90% of the cheap stuff sold on e-bay comes, of course, from China (though yesterday I got a package from Singapore).
But I wonder – what does the mail carrier think about those little, strange, brown envelopes from China? Do they seem suspicious? Do they wonder what’s inside? Could it be something criminal? (even I have trouble figuring out what).
Given just how much stuff I’ve bought on e-bay, I should be getting those little packages regularly for the next couple of weeks. Let’s see if the mail carrier ever asks 🙂