Precious Accents Jewelry Findings CollectionI’ve ordered a bunch of findings (as the metal parts that hold jewelry together are called) through e-bay, but most of them are coming from China, so it’ll be a while before I get them. Meanwhile I was in need of more clasps, fishhooks (for earrings), crimp beads and so forth. I figured buying a findings set would be the cheapest option – specially given the 40% off coupon always available at Michaels. Well, I was wrong. The Precious Accents collection is soooo bad that I’d have been better off just waiting.
The collection, even with the coupon, is not particularly cheap – almost $7 after tax. It comes with a little of everything, emphasis on the little. But what is annoying is just how cheap all the findings are, made from such weak metal. The clasps are hard to open (and I’m sure they’ll quickly break), the hoops are too small and the pins very fragile. I hope the stuff I get from China is better šŸ™‚