kittybeads.jpgI’ve been feeding my beading obsession by buying most of my beads from e-bay. One of the things I’ve gotten into is getting lots of mixed beads, which sell by the pound (or fraction thereof). I’ve gotten a couple on e-bay from beaddevotion which had perfect beads, some quite beautiful. But they are not cheap.
Amazon, meanwhile, offers Mr. Kitty’s Big Bead Bonanza, a 1/2 lb of mixed-material beads. I’ve already gotten 2lbs of these beads, and they are a mixed bag (literally). About half the beads are quite good. I like the fact that they have quite a few stone ones and a variety of sizes. Another half has problems, misplaced or absent holes, are made of plastic, or are uneven. Still, most of them are usable.
As the case is often with Amazon, the prices for the bead mix change wildly. I paid $3.50 (+shipping) for the first set I bought, and $2.50 for the following 3 sets. At that last price, the sets were a bargain. Right now, however, the same set is selling for $4.50 + shipping. I definitely wouldn’t buy it at that price.
I have LOTS of beads to play with for the time being, but in case my obsession continues, I hope they’ll lower the price again before I run out.
12/28/09 Update
Mr. Kitty’s Big Bead Bonanza is selling for $2.17 right now at Amazon (+ $1.75 shipping). That’s the lowest price it’s been in a couple of months. What’s interesting is that I’ve been following the price of this item pretty much every day for the last 2 months, and practically every day it has a new price – usually within a few cents of the price before. I really don’t understand why they’d bother to change the price so often.
Later the same day: Well, that was short lived – it’s a few hours later and they’re now at $4.72.