paintpeel.jpgMichaella got the Paint & Peel Window Art Kit for her birthday and so far it’s been a big hit with Camila and I (Mika hasn’t really tried it yet).
It’s a very simple concept. You put a sheet with pictures inside a plastic sheet cover. Then you outline said pictures with black acrylic paint, and once it dries you color inside the lines with colored acrylic paint. After that dries, you carefully remove the pictures from the plastic sheet and you can just put them on the windows. They stick easily and they come out easily.
The kit also comes with some googly eyes that you can paste on the pictures.
The kit works surprisingly well. The decals (to give them a name) are very colorful and the process is fun to make. The one thing that I don’t like is that it came with just one plastic sheet cover – that means that only one kid can use it at the time. I found another regular plastic cover, and we’ll see if it works just as well.
I also don’t know if regular acrylic paint would work – or if this is some kind of special paint. We’ll try it as well and report on the results.