Purity Mineral Science – Good foundation, slimy company

A few weeks ago I won an auction on listia.com for foundations and I have to say I’m quite pleased with what I got (specially because I paid the equivalent of $3 for quite for a bunch of foundations and blushes). So far, the foundation I like most is Purity Mineral Science in color “buff”. It’s a powder foundation and it seems to blend well to my face and cover the redness quite well. It also is easy to apply over sunscreen.
The problem with this makeup, however, is twofold. For one, it’s extremely expensive. A 2 gram container, which is not very much at all, retails for $25 at their website (though I saw it for $6.50 at e-bay).
For another, the company that sells it seems less than honest. If you go to their website, you see an offer for a foundation starter kit for $1 plus shipping & handling (which is $8), but it’s not until after you put the item on your shopping bag that you see a link to the “terms & conditions”. And these are that you are actually signing up for a “membership” that will oblige you to pay $80 for their supposedly “free” product. If you don’t want the product (and you have 3 weeks to make up your mind) you have to both call the company AND return the products, plus pay an $8 restocking fee (in addition to the price of shipping back the product). So, that $1 kit is basically costing you $24 for a 3-week supply. In addition, once you order this starter kit, you will automatically receive a 2-month supply of product for $36. And it seems they make it *very difficult* for you to cancel your membership, by not answering e-mails nor the phone – plus they make you agree to not dispute payments with your credit card. How slimy can a company be? And given how nice their products are, why do you they have to be that slimy?
Needless to say I won’t be shopping from them, though I’ll be sad when I run out of this foundation.

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  1. Julie

    I ordered the first kit and I thought I wouldn’t have to pay more than $10 for the first kit and I had a 14 day trial. Well I learned my lesson in the past that once I receive the first kit I’m going to cancel because I can’t afford no Flippin $89 for them to send me a kit every month. So I try to cancel and they said either I need to send it back or they can give me a discount and I can pay $35 well silly me I threw the box away in the trash, so I compromised and I’m paying $35 for a stupid kit that’s not even worth $25, if you ask me. So I will not be ordering from them ever again they sent me three different shades of Powder and I don’t even use powder. I thought it was like the one I had ordered from in the past years ago where they ask you questions to determine what types of make up you use but I don’t think they asked me very many questions at all . Anyway lesson learned in the long run . There’s so many retarded things on the Internet to try to get your money so be careful .

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