A couple of days ago Mike took the girls to Children’s Fairyland to see a puppet show. They also got to meet with Santa Claus, who was “holding court” in the chapel, and of course ask them what they wanted for Christmas.
Camila, predictably, wants “Hello Kitty” stuff – she doesn’t care what stuff. Mika, however, had a more interesting request. She told Santa, in this public forum, that what she wanted was for everyone to stop believing in God. You see, she’s very much upset at Jesus since she found out that Christianity is responsible for the demise of beliefs in the old Greek, Egyptian and Norse gods. Those gods are much cooler than Jesus/Jehova (really, who can deny that?) and she’s sad nobody believes on them anymore.
I wasn’t there, but apparently Santa – who must never have heard that request before – handled it very well, told her he’d have to talk to the “General” about that and asked her if she wanted to ask for something else instead. Mika said: “A Pleo“.
Alas, we don’t think she’ll get either.