Zeus on the Loose I got the Zeus on the Loose card game on a whim, when I saw it for $5 at Amazon.com (it’s now $10 :(. It got good reviews & Mika LOVES Greek mythology so I figured she’d like the game. I was right – not only does Mika like the game, but Camila LOVES it. It don’t quite understand why, but as it’s a great game for honing your addition skills I’m not complaining.
The game basically includes number cards and a few “Greek God” cards that have special characteristics (e.g. round the Mount Olympus amount to the nearest multiple of 10, subtract 10, etc.). Each player puts a card in Mount Olympus and announces how high the Mount is – the previous amount plus the amount of the card he’s putting in. If he gets to a multiple of 10 he steals the little Zeus plastic figurine that comes with the game. The first person who gets Mount Olympus to 100 and has the figurine, wins the game. Sounds boring, but it’s not too bad – and, as I said, the kids loved it.